Skyrim was shown during the original Switch announcement trailer, and was confirmed to be headed to the Switch shortly thereafter. During the recent Switch live presentation, Todd Howard, of Bethesda, gave an introduction to Skyrim, and discussed why he is excited to be releasing the game on the new Nintendo platform. What has not yet been revealed is whether or not this will be the remastered edition of the game, or a port of the original from 2011. What also is not being said here is the opportunity that this presents for Nintendo and their fanbase. Personally, I have never cared to play Skyrim or any of the other Elder Scrolls series. Bethesda games in general are not quite to my taste. However, this is not my way of saying that I think they are bad games. They are GOOD games that I don’t like. That being said, I am hoping that Skyrim on the Switch is successful, because if that serves to strengthen the bond between Nintendo and Bethesda, we could potentially see other Bethesda releases, such as Fallout, on the Switch in the future. That being said, ultimately, the game looks great from the footage we have seen, and I believe that this is one title that most gamers have pretty much made up their minds about by this point.

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