Fast RMX

Fast RMX is another game that was present for the Nintendo Switch demo event following the presentation last week. However, no actual trailer appears to have been released as of yet. In fact, any direct feed footage, if any, seems impossible to find. Most of what exists is over the shoulder footage of event attendees playing the demo. What can be gleaned from this footage, however, is telling indeed. Fast RMX is a racing game with futuristic hover-vehicles involving extreme speeds in close quarters. It is fast paced, and it looks great. However, what is missing from the footage leaves room for concern. The cars offer little more than speed and looks. While it may not be fair to say that battle mechanics are necessary for a good racing game, when you develop a racer with a medley of vehicles that put the Batmobile to shame, you’d better be prepared to give your audience some explosions. In fact, even when one of the demo participants misses a jump and crashes (or, upon further review, nearly misses the track entirely), their car sort of glitches into the middle of the track, tumbles briefly, with a burst of flame reminiscent of the understated explosions when something drops to the ground in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but shows no significant signs of damage. The vehicle appears to turn on an axis, and one end clips through the track. Another piece of footage shows a driver taking off from the same jump in a more calculated manner. They are able to turn and maneuver their vehicle into a glide, taking them much further down the track than the jump seems to have called for. With the twisting tracks, massive jumps, and this gliding ability, the game starts to feel like a hyper-realistic version of Mario Kart 8, but with fewer bananas. There are even little balls of light that the drivers can collect, though to what end, we are only left guessing. With a March release date, it would be far too optimistic to assume the game is “incomplete” to the point that any of these shortcomings will be addressed. However, those who enjoy a high speed racing game with a futuristic feel may still be inclined to pick up Fast RMX when it comes out.

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