What the Friday: WTF is the worst movie of the year, maybe the decade

I, for some obscure reason, decided to watch the movie WTF! the other day. I guess it was sitting in my Plex cue and I had no self respect in that moment, I don’t know.

It’s, well, it’s a movie that never met a trope it didn’t immediately fall in love with. From what I can tell it’s a young, male director who is convinced of his own cleverness.

There’s a group of teenagers who decide to go up to a remote cabin owned by one of their uncles for spring break. I guess the only legitimate thing about this movie is that these characters are so terrible that there is no question at all that they might hang out together.

There’s the stoner, the jock, the rich girl, the slut, the sensitive one, and the virgin. Also joining them is the virgin’s brother.

We get some backstory. The virgin was actually involved in another massacre three years earlier, and of course she was the only survivor.

At no point does the script attempt to elevate itself. It’s jump scares and terrible sex jokes. The whole thing is presented as an interview with the virgin, post massacre (I haven’t bothered giving her name, because she isn’t written as a character, but instead is as two dimensional as is possible – that’s true of every single character in the movie).

No, there are no actors in this you have ever heard of before.

The “Twist” is a shock… if you’ve never seen a movie before or don’t have any functioning brain cells.

I am proud to say that for you, dear reader, I suffered through this piece of garbage… my pain can spare you from having to do the same.

Traverse Davies is a writer and journalist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can read more of his work at http://dreamtime.logic11.com

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