Contributors Wanted

As mentioned in a previous post, MiscReviews is looking to add to our team of contributors. Primarily, we are seeking writers who want to review media, as is the central focus of this website. However, any manner of content creator will be considered for our team, and new ideas are always welcome. I would love to add more feature style posts, both that can add more variety, but also those that can provide more niche content for our readers. What I mean by that is, I want to see more posts of the random and outlandish sort, we’ve toyed with throwbacks and WTF reviews in the past, and I would love to keep those up, and build more on ideas of that sort. However, I also want to add contributors who maybe have a very narrow scope of interest. Are you a lover of all things horror? Let’s talk. A Supernatural super-fan who never misses an episode? Join us. This site needs more special interest posts, and as it is, I can’t keep up with every beloved franchise and new release on the market.

I honestly would like to talk a lot more about my hopes for the site and what my goals would be for the future of MiscReviews, but I also want to keep things simple here. If this post reaches you, and seems like something you can get behind, feel free to reach out. I feel like the more voices that get involved, the more of a community we can start to grow.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out on social media, or send an email to

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