This site will focus on a range of different reviews, but will focus primarily on media. Video games and movies will be the main body of what is reviewed here. However, from TV shows, books, music, and other forms of media are not out of the question. From time to time, there may even be other products that we feel warrant our attention. This could include TV shows, board games, tech, even the occasional restaurant or activity, for those in the Kansas City area.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, thoughtful, and open minded reviews for consumers who may be more cautious about what they throw their money at in the name of entertainment these days. Opinions will be a factor. Visitors will hopefully come to recognize how they align with our reviews. Eventually, they may find that our damning review means that they’re guaranteed to like a product.

A close secondary goal will be to offer open and engaging conversations for those who enjoy diving deeper into a subject. Outlandish fan theories, preposterous head-canon, and near-encyclopedic know-it-alls will all be welcome. We only ask that the discussion remain civil. Don’t be insulting, don’t be condescending, don’t be that guy.


I will be the primary reviewer on this site. I’ll do my very best to update often and provide the best, most objective reviews of a range of media and products as I possibly can. My style may change as I develop a specific format for sharing my thoughts, which will better facilitate readers to look over the information that matters most to them.

Up front, I am not a man who has a lot of time on his hands. I’m not setting up this site because I have nothing better to do. I’m doing it because it’s what truly interests me.

Primarily with media entertainment, I have always had a passion for looking beyond the screen. In doing so, I find that I there’s usually a lot that I get out of the right kinds of movies, games, etc. and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with others. At the same time, I often find that there’s a lack of honest reviews that reflect what I feel most of us care about. Perhaps this is because I have very specific tastes, but I’m hoping I’m not the only one who recognizes that “critically acclaimed” is often synonymous with words like “tedious”, “predictable”, and often elicits thoughts of briefcases full of cash being exchanged behind closed doors. Bloated advertising budgets do not necessarily make for a smashing final product.

Finally, if there is anything you would like me to review, feel free to use the Contact link, and send a suggestion. I will give strong consideration to any and all recommendations. This will be particularly helpful in adding some bulk to the site in the beginning stages, but please do not abuse this offer.

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