ARMS is a totally new IP from Nintendo, and it certainly oozes with their signature style. It combines intense PvP gameplay with quirky characters and features. ARMS is essentially a one on one (presumably) fighting game, featuring characters with extendable arms. Players face off in arenas small enough that they can fight one another without... Continue Reading →

Fast RMX

Fast RMX is another game that was present for the Nintendo Switch demo event following the presentation last week. However, no actual trailer appears to have been released as of yet. In fact, any direct feed footage, if any, seems impossible to find. Most of what exists is over the shoulder footage of event attendees... Continue Reading →


Skyrim was shown during the original Switch announcement trailer, and was confirmed to be headed to the Switch shortly thereafter. During the recent Switch live presentation, Todd Howard, of Bethesda, gave an introduction to Skyrim, and discussed why he is excited to be releasing the game on the new Nintendo platform. What has not yet... Continue Reading →

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