What If: A Review

A rom-com. Not what I thought I’d be watching on a Sunday night, to be honest. But thankfully it’s one I would have chosen if someone made me choose a rom-com on a Sunday night. I know what you’re thinking. “It’s either going to be clichéd or an attempt at satire.” But let’s be honest,... Continue Reading →


Skyrim was shown during the original Switch announcement trailer, and was confirmed to be headed to the Switch shortly thereafter. During the recent Switch live presentation, Todd Howard, of Bethesda, gave an introduction to Skyrim, and discussed why he is excited to be releasing the game on the new Nintendo platform. What has not yet... Continue Reading →

Sonic Mania

During the Nintendo Treehouse event, those fortunate enough to attend were treated to a sampling of the upcoming Sonic Mania. This game will not be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but it was still highly advertised at the event. The trailer starts off with a brief history of where Sonic began, and how it evolved, and... Continue Reading →

1, 2, Switch

'1, 2, Switch'? More like '1, 2, Skip' (OK, cheesy, I know. But this game). This launch title for the Nintendo Switch misses the mark in a big way. Its purpose is clearly to show off the modular, portable functionality, and it certainly does just that, with a series of minigames ranging in intensity from... Continue Reading →

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